End of Life Care

The Best In Home Caregiver Los Angeles Has To Offer

One of the most pivotal roles our Los Angeles Caregiver agency plays is that of end of life care. It is a delicate time wrought with emotion and, more often than not, fear. At True Caregiving Los Angeles, we work with you and with those we care for by making sure we fulfill a number of roles including:

-Addressing your emotional, social, spiritual needs

-Coordinating care among health care providers

-Providing resources that may be helpful for this time

We are not there to take over as a guide or spiritual counselor, but our Los Angeles caregivers know how to respond to questions and concerns as well as have the resources to provide the most comfort at this difficult time. We pride our caregiving service on providing understanding, comfort, and a professional love to the patient as they near the end of their time on Earth.

Many things can begin to be neglected at this time as well; things like simple housework, basic medical needs, and the care of a pet often get pushed aside as family and friends gather around. Out Pet Assistance Caregivers are there to make sure everything continues to run smoothly during the hard times and that nothing is being neglected.