Companion Care

What is a Companion Caregiver?

True Caregiving provides personalized elderly companion services. Services are customized based on the individual’s needs. We take pride in companion caregiving and helping your loved one to have the highest level of dignity and independent living as possible.

Some of the duties we happily perform are:

  • Conversation
  • Help with Correspondence
  • Attending Events or Appointments
  • Reading or Playing Games
  • Working in the garden
  • Walking to the park
  • Socialization
  • Monitoring home
  • Emotional Support

As the premier Los Angeles Caregiver organization, we make sure our companion caregiving technicians are fully trained and qualified to serve you or your loved one. More than that, we screen each of our employees to make sure that they are truly compassionate individuals that will form a bond of friendship with their patient.

Our Los Angeles Personal Caregivers are there to help you in every aspect of life. Call us today to start the conversation and find out why we’re the best rated company in LA.