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What Services Will An In Home Caregiver Provide?

Taking care of dependent persons such as those with Alzheimer’s or other dementia can be very difficult especially if you have other responsibilities. As a company, we understand your troubles and that is why we have highly trained in-home caregivers that will help your seniors enjoy every bit of their lives as though you were personally there with them.

In-home caregiving involves a wide range of services provided in the comfort of home and not in the hospital or other care facility. Since it is a relatively new concept of care giving, we know that many people still having questions they need answered. One such question we hear a lot being asked is- What services will an in home caregiver provide? Here are the services our in-home caregivers provide:

Personalized in home care
These services are tailored to assist the functionally impaired persons in personal hygiene, bathing, ambulation, dressing, housekeeping, feeding, supervision of self-administered medications if any, transportation and accompaniment to doctors office, shopping assistance, toileting and transfer among others.

Caregiver Companionship
This service is specifically and strictly for those clients who are geographically and/or socially isolated so as to relieve loneliness and offering continued social interaction. Transportation of the client may also be part of this service.

Chore or homemaker services
Our caregivers offer a number of specific home management duties such as laundry, housekeeping, minor home repairs, cleaning refrigerators, meal planning and preparation, sewing, transportation and shopping assistance. These are just but a few of the homemaker services provided our in-home caregivers.

Skilled at home care
Our in home caregiver services also include skilled care. These are for clients with medical conditions that require medical assistance. Such services may include injections, wound care, physiotherapy as well as medical needs. These services are offered by licensed health care professional. We coordinate with our clients’ physicians in order to provide these services.

Common Signs That Your Loved One Needs A Caregiver

It is difficult for a family member or a close friend to determine when their loved one can no longer live by themselves. Often the people closest to the loved one will miss the signs about the inability of this beloved person to care for their daily needs. It may not be easy to accept that certain behavioral signs indicate living without the help of a caregiver is not in the best interest of the loved one.

We believe there are readily apparent signs that the assistance of a caregiver is needed. Poor personal hygiene habits are just one indication. There is a cause for concern when a person stops bathing on a regular schedule, and there is a general decline in personal grooming. Failure to maintain clean and neatly combed hair is another sign. When a person allows their nails to grow and does not clean under them, this is another cause for concern.

The refrigerator will often yield clues to behavioral patterns which will strongly indicate that the assistance of a caregiver is necessary. Spoiled food that is not disposed of and outdated food that remains in the refrigerator are clear health hazards. Failure to eat properly is another important sign that should not be dismissed.

Missing appointments and not remembering what the appointments were for could be a sign of dementia. However, our experience relates that while this may be the beginning of dementia, a caregiver can provide the support required to keep the loved one in their home. Confusion about performing familiar tasks is another sign that could indicate dementia, but a caregiver can concentrate on helping the person accomplish these tasks if they are important.

We can summarize the signs that a caregiver is needed by the following:
1. You are fearful about leaving the loved one alone all of the time.
2. The loved one is living their life in a way that is unhealthy and in complete contrast to the way they have lived.
3. Appointments are missed and important bills are not being paid.
4. Body odor is always present and the smell of urine is noticeable.

Call our Los Angeles caregivers and discuss your concerns about your loved one. A professional opinion is always helpful with resolving your concerns. Our staff is very well trained in knowing when a caregiver is needed.