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Thank you for considering True Caregiving to provide in home care services for yourself or your loved one in Los Angeles and Orange County. Our professional and compassionate in home caregiver team is committed to deliver quality and personalized care for our clients.


At True Caregiving, we hire only experienced and background-screened professionals who are committed to caring for others for life. Rest assured that your loved one will receive the best daily in home caregiving from our staff.

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Thank you for visiting True Caregiving of Los Angeles and Orange County.

If you have any questions that are unanswered on this website, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and speak with one of our friendly professional caregivers.

Below are some common questions that we have received:

What is a Los Angeles Caregiver Agency?
When seeking help for an elderly loved one that requires frequent medical attention you are faced with 3 realities. You can provide the care yourself. You can find and hire someone to do it for you. Or you can enlist an agency to find and properly manage a caregiver for you.

Each option has its own unique benefits and deficiencies. By working with a good local Los Angeles caregiver agency you can rest assured that whomever is taking care of your loved one has been thoroughly vetted, background checked, and is being properly monitored and managed. Caregiver agencies in Los Angeles carry the weight of finding a trusted individual to care for your elderly loved one and ensure that they are safely and consistently cared for.

A caregiver agency is an organization or an administrative unit set up that actively plays various roles aimed at linking clients to the appropriate caregivers who offer the care services they are seeking. In order to achieve this, the agency is involved in the training of the caregivers and equipping them with the skills necessary to carry out their respective duties. The agency also screens the individual caregivers to determine their competency and effectiveness in service delivery. This makes it possible for the agency single out the best available caregivers in the market for the satisfaction of their clients. The agency is actively involved in supervising the caregivers in order to ensure that they do not comprise on the quality of services and that they maintain the required standards. The caregiver agency also facilitates the payment for services rendered by the caregivers. Therefore, a caregiver agency enables the clients to access the best services from the right caregivers and also ensures that the individual caregivers are paid their dues.

The Duties Of An In-Home Caregiver
An in home caregiver is someone who helps disabled individuals or elderly persons by assisting them with day to day household tasks that they are unable to carry out themselves. Los Angeles home Caregiver tend to care for the clients either inside their homes or in an assisted living facility. There are a number of roles filled by caregivers, all duties depending on a clients own personal situation. Some of their duties can include the following;
– Assists clients with daily life activities.
– Helps with personal care such as hygiene, ambulation, eating, dressing, toileting and shaving.
– Offers companionship.
– Prepares meals and snacks.
– Provides assistance with getting client in and out of bed, baths, wheelchair and car.
– Changes and cleans the bed linens as well as helps keep clients living space neat and comfortable.
– Monitors vital signs.
– Helps with sanitation and housekeeping duties
– Performs general household tasks such as shopping, errands, laundry and transportation.

About at Home Elder Care
Home elder care usually provides care to the senior citizens who are unable to do certain things on their own because of age. Amongst the things that are in these homes include medical amenities such as medicines for various diseases and equipments that are used to treat the elderly people. The main reason for having these medical amenities is that most of these elderly people usually have various health problems and therefore they require these amenities.

Other things which are in home elderly care are foods which provide nutrients to the elderly people. These foods are carefully selected to ensure that they will provide the elderly people with the necessary nutrients and also enhance their immune systems.

Wheel chairs and other movement aids are also found in home elder care. These walking and moving aids are very useful to the elderly people because they help them move from one place to the other. These homes elder care are also build in a manner that the elderly people can move conveniently especially while using wheel chairs. Therefore things like steep stairs are avoided while building these homes elder care.

Finally, we provide Los Angeles caregivers to help the elderly to both get around the local areas as well as have some one who cares about them by their side for every step.

What do dementia caregivers do?
Dementia caregivers are people or health practitioners responsible for taking care of persons with dementia or Alzheimer’s condition. Dementia as a condition can be described as gradual deprivation of mental capability as a result of either brain infection or brain trauma. What follows is a slow but consistent loss of personal awareness, time consciousness and even memory.

The task at hand for dementia caregivers is rather challenging and involving. As a caregiver, the most important thing one should do is show love and understanding to the patient. This is often very tough but quite manageable.

Another thing the caregiver does is offering help in various tasks even if on a personal level. Demented persons can forget even the most basic chores and therefore need to be reminded or helped.

Moreover, caregivers do take patients through various therapies. These are important towards full recovery of a patient. Most common therapies include group therapies and pet therapy. These have been noted to be effective in the recovery process for many patients.

Our Services
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    Companion Care

    Through companion care, we provide support and friendship as we help our clients have the highest level of dignity and independent living as possible.

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    Personal Care

    A helping hand can go a long way. Our caregivers can assist with the simple tasks such as getting dressed, to more difficult actions like bathing.

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    Meal Preparation

    Meal preparation can become more difficult with age. Let our caregivers help by assisting with the groceries and preparing nutritious and healthy meals.

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    Running errands can be time consuming and sometimes tiring. Let our caregivers help by running these errands, or simply accompanying you.

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